About Me

I'm just a guy that loves to tinker.  This trait, along with degrees in Business and Information Technology, has allowed me to earn a living and have a home in Southern California.   However, what I really love to do is spend time in my workshop "puttering" as my wife would say.

Puttering and Tinkering are just short ways of saying learning new skills and having an artistic outlet. Now I wouldn't say that I'm an artist by any means, but I do love the fine mechanics behind making a nicely crafted pen or turning an old wine bottle into something useful or just pretty.

So, many of the pieces that I offer on this site came about because I decided I wanted to make a gift for a family member that they would remember for a long time; resulting in me taking the time to learn the necessary skills.   Others came from someone else asking me "can you make______?"   Of course I usually say "Sure, no problem" and then I'd set about tinkering until I had learned the necessary techniques.   Often times I put my learning processes into videos posted on my YouTube channel:   "cyclesurgeon".   I figure that it gives me more incentive to succeed or at least provide entertainment through an epic failure.

Oh, and the channel title "cyclesurgeon" is so named in honor of another of my hobbies that turned into a profession for 10 years. I enjoyed cycling so much that I opened my own bicycle shops. I started enjoying cycling again once I sold them!